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Missing Teeth

Fixed Bridges are caps cemented on the adjacent teeth to the space that bonds two or more natural teeth on either side of the lost tooth by crowning or capping each tooth, joined together by a crown in the middle. It is fixed meaning you can not remove, joined by a crown that covers the empty span. Economically about the cost of three or more crowns, a bridge is recommended if the adjacent teeth are also structurally weak and would also benefit from full crowning. Bridges, then, not only fills the gap but can also restore unsightly, heavily restored teeth to a white whole tooth! And the final option would be a partial denture.

Bridge Care Advice

It is important to keep these teeth clean since they “support” the bridge.

Floss threaders help slip the floss under the bridge to clean the underside of the bridge and the sides of the teeth. Interproximal brushes are small brushes that can be used under the bridge and between the roots of the supporting teeth.

See your dentist immediately if you feel one or more sides of the bridge “loosening”. A loose bridge can lead to extensive decay of one or more of the supporting teeth and ultimately the loss of the teeth and/or the bridge.

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