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Digital Radiographs provide clear full screen dental radiographs in seconds. They produce up to 70% less radiation than traditional films (one full mouth series of up to 18 digital radiographs delivers less radiation than what a person receives in one month from natural environmental sources ie. background exposure). Digital xrays can then be sent via email to other dentists and specialists for additional treatment.


Intra-oral Cameras bring what we see inside your mouth to the computer screen so you can see what we are talking about. Now you can see that broken filling, cracked tooth or tartar build up. It is especially great for educating kids towards better oral hygiene habits when they see all the plaque left on their teeth from improper brushing.

Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening brings professional teeth whitening to a higher level as seen on television shows such as Extreme Makeover. Zoom! ™ whitening produces whiter teeth in approximately one hour by using special bleaching gels activated by a blue wavelength light source. And keeping them white is easier than ever with home bleaching kits that take 15-30 minutes a day, used approximately six months after the initial treatment.


CAD/CAM (computer assisted dentistry/computer assisted machinery) brings the most advanced technological innovation to dentistry. Most of the time, in one appointment, we can fabricate permanent, beautiful, and super strong porcelain crowns, veneers, and onlays. Prepped teeth are scanned into a computer which then produces a 3D working model. Using the 3D model we design the perfect restoration to fit your mouth. The final design is then sent to a milling machine that mills out this perfect restoration from a block of compressed super strong porcelain – similar to a 3D printer. The restoration is then fired in an oven to give it extra strength and glaze that mimics the beauty and shine of natural teeth. Traditionally, these steps were done at a laboratory so patients would have to make multiple visits and spend week(s) in temporary restorations. One appointment means less missed work days and less frustration of ill-fitting or loose temporary restorations.


Soft Tissue Lasers are used to treat gum disease, re-contour gingival irregularities, help canker and cold sores heal faster, and promote better healing of dental surgeries compared to the use of a scalpel.


We invite you to visit our clinic and ask how these exciting dental advances can help you rediscover your inner smile!

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